Print Pure LLC offers quality screen printing services. Whether you already have artwork or need help creating a design, we have the capability to handle your order from creative inception to screen printed garments/textiles. I say "we," but Print Pure LLC is essentially a one man operation, with friends and family lending helping hands, expert consultation, and/or sound advice when needed. As such, I will be personally handling every aspect of your order, offering a continuity not often found in the modern business world. This is the concept behind the "Pure" in Print Pure LLC.

Once I obtain the blanks for your order, your product will remain in Novato, CA until it is either delivered or shipped to you. Through every step of production, I channel my sense of personal pride in craft to ensure that your order looks great and fulfills your expectations.

Your order will not be outsourced to China or any other third world country to be executed by slave laborers in order to increase profit margins. Your garments/textiles, however, depending on which blanks you choose, may be. Although more costly, domestic and organic options are more beneficial choices in support of our local welfare. We can source most apparel/textile blanks that you might like, and are happy to make suggestions based on your requirements. You can also choose to supply your own blanks. Send your artwork with a full description of what you're looking for to for a detailed quote. See the "Price List" page for more info.